How the Haldex coupling works

haldex clutch 5th gen

Watch the video to understand how one of the premier clutch wheel drive systems.

haldex clutch videoThe video below illustrates how the analytical function electro clutch Haldex, the Swedish company since 2010 working closely to-wheel drive systems with Borg Warner manufactured, among others, and boxes dual clutch DSG.

In simple words, in the fifth generation Haldex consists of three basic parts (as opposed to the four previous): a) hydraulic force with integrated electric pump and the centrifugal regulator, b) the wet multi-plate clutch set, and c) electronic control unit (ECU).

haldex 5 gen diagramAs a center differential, the Haldex positioned between the two axles of the car and its role is to transfer torque to the rear. When the car starts the electric pump increases the pressure of the oil in the clutch. Depending on the pressure created by the pump is squeezed between the discs and depending on how much tightening are the size of the torque to the wheels passes. Have lower pressure e.g. in tight corners at high speeds, when parking and higher pressure eg in slippery, icy, muddy roadways.



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