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The new Škoda Octavia RS is a continuation of the current model offensive of the Czech automaker Škoda.

With its top speed of 248 km/h, the new RS is the fastest production Octavia of all time. Beginning in July 2013, the third RS generation will be entering markets both as a saloon and as an estate. Both model versions are equipped with powerful yet efficient engines, and they boast classy design as well as innovative technology. Furthermore, the new RS models offer all of the Škoda Octavia’s outstanding features: outstanding functionality, ample room, top-notch safety, state-of-the-art safety and comfort assistance systems, and excellent value.

“The new Škoda Octavia RS is a racy and a clever compact sports car in one. Both, as a saloon and as an estate, the Octavia RS sets new standards in the class and will continue the success story of the Škoda RS models,” says Škoda CEO Winfried Vahland. The third Octavia RS generation is a sporty and at the same time an extremely practical vehicle. As the fastest production Octavia of all time, the RS is the top model of the Octavia series and represents 112 years of motorsports history. “The new Octavia RS offers all the outstanding features of the production model: plenty of room, high functionality, quality, precision in workmanship, innovative safety and comfort assistance systems, low fuel consumption, dynamic design, and excellent value,” says Vahland.

New engines with more power and lower fuel consumption

Skoda-Octavia_RS_2014_1000 (4)The Škoda Octavia has always represented ‘a bit more car’. The new Octavia RS represents this tradition as well. “Here’s a car that is not stingy with superlatives: It is the fastest and most economical, the largest, roomiest, safest, smartest and most comfortable Škoda Octavia RS that has ever been produced. The new Octavia RS marries power, technology and utility, and it is a perfect car for everyday use and recreation,” says Frank Welsch, Škoda board member for technical development.

Customers can choose between a 162 kW (220 hp) two-litre petrol engine and a 135 kW (184 hp) two-litre diesel engine in the Škoda Octavia RS. Compared with the second-generation Octavia RS, the new engines have up to 10 percent more power while saving up to 19 percent in fuel. Start-stop and regenerative braking systems are standard features. Both engines are available with a manual or a DSG dual clutch transmission, each as a six-speed.

Skoda-Octavia_RS_2014_1000 (3)With the 2.0 TSI/162 kW (220 hp) petrol engine, the Škoda Octavia RS accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in as little as 6.8 seconds, making the new-generation saloon with manual six-speed transmission 0.4 seconds faster than the previous generation. With its 248 km/h top speed, the new model outruns the second-generation Octavia RS by 6 km/h. Despite significantly improved performance, the new petrol engine with manual transmission is 17 percent or 1.3 l/100 km more economical than its predecessor. This new Octavia RS only uses a combined 6.2 l/100 km. CO2 emissions have dropped by 33 g to 142 g/km.

The 2.0 TDI/135 kW (184 hp) diesel engine also delivers maximum performance and boasts low consumption. The Škoda Octavia RS diesel engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of 232 km/h. The saloon with manual six-speed transmission averages a combined 4.6 l/100 km and emits 119 g CO2 per kilometre – a 19 percent improvement.

Standard sports suspension, progressive steering and XDS differential lock

Skoda-Octavia_RS_2014_1000 (7)On the new Škoda Octavia RS, sports chassis is standard equipment. Furthermore, the clearance is 15 mm lower than in the standard Octavia. The MacPherson front axle with lower triangular wishbone suspension provides precise front tracking. The rear axle uses a newly developed multi-link suspension.

Standard features also include the electronic XDS differential lock, which is part of the ESC electronic stabilisation programme. It improves wheel traction and reduces the risk of understeering in fast cornering. Thanks to XDS, the vehicle’s cornering behaviour has become more sporty, faster and more precise.

The new progressive steering provides the third-generation Škoda Octavia RS with better handling and agility. Thanks to this technology, the driver can use smaller steering inputs to achieve a desired curve radius. This means less changes of steering wheel grip are necessary in tight turns. A progressive gear ratio enables this new steering mechanism.

Sporty design: well-bred and classy

The new Škoda Octavia RS conveys pure emotion at first sight. Whether as a saloon or as an estate: The Octavia RS has athletic genes but keeps bragging to a minimum.

The attractive front view is a combination of a characteristic grille, striking air inlets with a honeycomb structure, a new apron and fog lights in RS design as well as new, now standard bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lights. The RS plaque in the grille is the seal of this sportiness.

Seen from the side, the body is lower compared with the standard Octavia. Furthermore, the new model has grown in length and width in comparison with the second-generation Octavia. The new Octavia RS is longer (saloon plus 88 mm, estate plus 86 mm) and 45 mm wider than its predecessor. At the same time, the wheel base increased by 102 mm. Both this and a shortened front overhang underscore the vehicle’s powerful appearance. Standard red brake callipers, powerful proportions, a high tornado line and sharp, precise edges create passion.

The Škoda Octavia RS’s new alloy wheels provide a very sporty touch. The designers created a total of four classy 17″, 18″, and 19″ bi-colour RS wheel designs that are visually striking, optically light with sharp edges and precise craftsmanship down to the last detail. The standard Octavia RS comes with silver 17″ Dorado alloy wheels and 225/45 size tyres. Customers have a choice between the Gemini and Pictoris 18″ alloy wheels, both of which are suitable for 225/40 tyres. The Gemini wheels are available in two colours: silver and anthracite. Customers preferring extremely sporty rims can choose the 19″ Xtrem aluminium alloy rim in black, available through Škoda Accessories.

Skoda-Octavia_RS_2014_1000 (6)Both on the saloon and the estate, a strong, black diffuser element and the wide reflector above it dominate the rear of the Octavia RS. Both elements are distinctive characteristics of the new Škoda Octavia RS, as are the wide, trapezoidal chrome tailpipes. LED tail lights in the typical Škoda C-shape are now standard equipment. On the saloon, the spoiler sits on the tailgate, while on the Skoda Octavia Combi RS, it is attached to the roof edge.

Sporty black is the dominant colour in the interior of the Škoda Octavia RS. The ambient door handle light on the inside of the front doors is a new feature. For the front seats, customers can choose newly designed RS sport seats in fabric and leather or in full leather, embellished with red or grey contrast stitching. And a sporty 3-spoke steering wheel with perforated leather is now one of the standard features. Both the gearshift knob and the handbrake handle are covered in leather as well. Door sill plates and pedals are stainless steel. The instrument cluster with a colour Maxi DOT display reflect the exclusive RS design. Steering wheel, gearshift, door sill plates, seats, and floor mats display the RS emblem.

Plenty of room, many Simply Clever solutions

In addition to being sporty, both the saloon and the estate versions of the new Škoda Octavia RS are equipped with all of the outstanding features that distinguish the new Octavia. This includes plenty of room and numerous Simply Clever solutions – all in the quality you expect from Škoda.

The Škoda Octavia RS beats the competition when it comes to interior space: No other compact sports car offers more than this model’s 1,782 mm interior length, more legroom (73 mm) and more headroom in the rear (980 mm). The boot also sets a class record: The RS saloon’s boot volume grew by 5 litres to 590 litres in comparison to its predecessor. With a total of 610 litres, the Skoda Octavia Combi RS offers even more volume.

Skoda-Octavia_RS_2014_1000 (8)In addition, the new Octavia RS is equipped with a number of Simply Clever features. Depending on the trim level, the following features are standard or optional with the Octavia RS saloon and Octavia Combi RS. The foldable cargo element for the boot makes it easy to secure items to the boot floor. For the first time in the Octavia RS, the boot is equipped with double-sided floor mat. The dirt-repellent side is ideal for storing items like dirty hiking shoes or wet ski boots. The ice scraper is easily accessible in the fuel filler flap, and reflective vests are easily stored in a rack under the driver’s seat. The door storage space includes a waste container. A multimedia clip secures an iPod, mobile phone or other device. Other storage spaces, racks and hooks provide smart options for tidiness in the interior and in the boot of the new Octavia RS, with the extra big sized sunglass compartment in the front part of the roof being just one example. Other features include a misfuel prevention and, in the saloon, a boot cover that is easily stored behind the rear backrest.

The new Škoda Octavia Combi RS comes with an optional variable boot floor. Using the movable false boot floor, the boot can be divided into a variety of heights and areas, thus providing flexible transportation options. The coat storage underneath the Combi’s boot cover is a newly added space. It provides room for items that otherwise would be scattered inside the boot. The roll-up load cover can be stored underneath the variable boot floor. This space also accommodates the roof rack when not in use. The rear seatbacks are split 60:40 and can be folded down from the boot. An optional net divider keeps items from flying forward. The net can be used even when the rear seatbacks are folded down.

Top-level safety

Skoda-Octavia_RS_2014_1000 (2)The new Škoda Octavia RS offers a high level of safety. Some of the newly developed, active safety systems include the Front Assistant with emergency braking, Lane Assistant, the multi-collision brake with automatic braking action in an accident, Crew Protect Assistant to protect the vehicle in accidents, and the Driver Activity Assistant. These systems help avoid accidents or minimise the effects of an accident on passengers and other road users.

In case of an accident, a comprehensive package of passive safety systems maximises the protection of the driver and passengers. Up to nine airbags work in synch with 3-point seatbelts to protect driver and passengers from injuries. For the first time, the Škoda Octavia RS provides knee airbags (standard in EU countries) and optional rear side airbags. Furthermore, the newest Škoda model’s precise sports suspension, the long wheel base, and the rigid, lightweight body contribute to its highly stable handling characteristics.

Innovative comfort systems

Thanks to numerous electronic comfort systems, there is hardly anything left to be desired in terms of comfort. The new Škoda Octavia RS can be fitted with an Adaptive Cruise Assistant, which adjusts the distance to the vehicle ahead. The new Intelligent Light Assistant can be set to automatically switch the full beam on or off, thus improving comfort and safety on the road. The Automatic Parking Assistant helps guide parking manoeuvres, both for parallel and vertical parking. The traffic sign recognition is part of the Traveller Assistant package and displays traffic signs.

One of the new Škoda Octavia RS’s optional features is the Keyless-Entry-Start-and-Exit-System (KESSY). A power panoramic tilting sunroof is also available.

The new Škoda Octavia RS offers a completely newly designed generation of infotainment radio and GPs systems. The newest model includes the Swing CD-radio with TFT monochrome display as standard equipment, together with four speakers in front and four in the rear. In addition to basic radio features, Swing offers a CD drive, an SD card slot, and a USB and AUX-In port that can accommodate an MP3 player or other devices.

Infotainment radio and GPS systems are also available for the new Škoda Octavia RS. More sophisticated systems use up to 8″ touch displays with proximity sensors. The sound-optimized CANTON sound system provides pure listening enjoyment for the passenger cabin.


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